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Ostoskorisi on tyhjä

Designer Anni Ruuth established her namesake brand in Helsinki, Finland in 2017.

ANNI RUUTH is an innovative and up-and-coming slow fashion brand that produces seasonless Capsule collections a few times a year. Pieces are made for request and produced in capital area of Finland. ANNI RUUTH products are made under Avainlippu trademark as a guarantee of local production and quality.

Besides collections ANNI RUUTH designs elegant unique pieces for high profile events such as Finnish Independence day Presidential ball (Linnan juhlat) and Finnish Gala events.

The brand is well known for dreamlike feather garments and a delicate, feminine approach. 

For the designer animal welfare and environmental sustainability are number one priorities and she is constantly on an expedition for more responsible materials. ANNI RUUTH feather products are made from natural, high-quality goose feathers. The material is sourced from Europe and the material supplier headquarted is placed in Germany. Material supplier works  only with breeders who are committed to the ethical treatment of birds. Ostrich feathers are from Finnish farms. In 2020, the brand launched a new innovative natural sequin material developed from scales generated as fish waste.

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