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Ostoskorisi on tyhjä

This complex world gets a bit hectic at times. In those moments, it’s good to aim for clarity. It’ll help you stick to your true path.

We at Tarvas design products that support every millimetre of your journeys. Whether those wanders take you out into the wild or inward into the mind. Or, more often, to the intersection of your inner and outer journeys. By resisting the unpredictable Nordic weather with style, our functional products give you peace to focus on what you value.

Based in Helsinki, Finland, we have firm roots in the city yet are always near nature (and just a gust away from offbeat weather). We produce our footwear locally – it’s a combination of a basement workshop in the city and a rural factory in the middle of the woods.

The forest inspires us. Nature brings clarity and keeps you connected with yourself. The body is active and the mind gets rest. Among the wildlife, we also sense the presence of our spirit animal, the ancient moose Tarvas, who taught us you can both care for the herd and stay true to your path.