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Women in Business

Inspirational Cards - Women in Business

Let these affirmation cards guide you towards your success! These inspirational cards are made for all modern women in business – Women just like you. You can be just starting out your career or already have years of experience.

This card deck is created to improve your well being at work, get to know yourself and your goals better and to give you fresh ideas when it comes to building the career you want. By picking a card you will get a reminder of what is important right in this moment. Through using the cards, you will receive clarity of your vision and can be confident about your work. You are on your way to creating that something new and amazing, something that only you can create!

Each deck includes 32 cards with inspiring and empowering illustration. The 11 cm x 15 cm (4,3x 5,9) cards are printed on an environmentally friendly, PEFC certified paper, and packed in to a beautiful two-piece box – the kind of you want to put on your coffee table!