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Capacity Bag

The Capacity backpack is the largest piece in our bag collection. It is spacious enough for carrying even your largest valuables, due to its great size and angular shape. The logo strap effects in the front give the backpack a look that will be noted. The extension straps on the sides can be attached to the back with snap fasteners.

Also try adding your Combo bags on both sides of the backpack. They fit perfectly on the sides, thanks to the perfect alliance of the backpack’s extension straps and the belt loop on the Combo bag. Another cool feature is that you can turn your backpack into a tote bag, by attaching the detachable and adjustable shoulder straps on top. Two pockets inside – the larger for your laptop and the smaller for your other valuables.


Roomy and angular shape

Two-way zipper with double logo zip pullers

Two detachable and adjustable logo shoulder straps

Two internal pockets

NFC chip provides care instructions, transparency & sustainability information.


One size
Measures: 45 cm x 35 cm x 15 cm / 17,7″ x 13,8″ x 5,9″


All fabrics are upcycled

Shell: 100 % upcycled fabrics, may contain polyester and nylon 

Inner label: 100 % upcycled fabrics, may contain polyester and nylon

Shoulder strap: Nylon 86%, Polyester 14% 

Buckles: steel, may contain small amounts of nickel and copper. 


This bag is manufactured by Mannisto in Turku, Finland

Fabric: Finland

Inner label: Finland

Zipper: Italy

Strap: Italy

Buckles: Sweden and Italy

Majority of the components come either from Finland or other places in Europe to create as little CO2 emissions as possible.