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Fusion XC - Aloe Wash / Aloe Wash

Born in Finland, Karhu has long celebrated a rich history rooted in love and admiration for the outdoors and nature. As early as the 1930s, Karhu products such as hiking shoes, backpacks, tents, canoes, and paddles were prominently featured in Finnish sporting goods catalogues. This premium hiking sneaker combines a unique retro aesthetic with efficient modern functionality and waterproof features carrying on Karhu's proud outdoor legacy.

- Leather overlays
- Different kind of mesh
- Fulcrum Technology for balanced cushioning and increased support
- Fully gusseted tongue to keep out dirt
- Rope laces
- Pull tab
- XC logo debossed heel print
- Rubber toe Bumper for protection
- T-profile outsole for extra grip
- Air Cushion
- Speckled misdole

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