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Combo Bag

The Combo bag is small but spacious enough for holding all your valuables. This statement accessory contains two separate compartments to keep your things well organized. Thanks to the removable, adjustable strap, there are multiple ways to wear this bag: as a belt bag, as a crossbody bag or as a phone pouch around your neck. Durable upcycled fabric is turned into this urban item with striking paneled structure details on the front and on the strap.


Detachable and adjustable logo strap that can be used separately as a belt

Can be attached to Curious bag and Covert hat straps for extra functionality

Two separate sections with two logo zippers

NFC chip provides care instructions, transparency & sustainability information. NFC chip has also an additional ‘MUSIC’ section containing an exclusive track brought to you by Alec Moborg alias enzo. 


One size
Measures: 18 cm x 12 cm x 6 cm / 7.1″ x 4.7″ x 2.4″


All fabrics are upcycled

Shell: 100 % upcycled polyester mix, may contain nylon
Strap: 100 % GRS recycled polyester
Inner label: 100 % polyester satin, made of recycled materials
Buckles: structural steel, alloy zinc, and iron wire drawn. Contains small amounts of nickel and copper.


This bag is manufactured by Mannisto in Turku, Finland

Fabric: Finland

Inner label: Finland

Zipper: Italy

Strap: Italy

Buckles: Sweden and Italy

Majority of the components come either from Finland or other places in Europe to create as little CO2 emissions as possible.