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Resin salve rowan berry-spruce

traditional and powerful Finnish forest all-around salve.

Finnish traditional way produced resin salve, which combine spruce resin skin healer and renew qualities. Helps support the skin´s natural health. The salve is based on organic rapeseed oil which effectively moisturises the skin. The resin has a disinfectant impact and resin salve can be used for many problem with the skin, such as dry heels, cuticles, small contusion, eczemas and insect bites. Finnish rowan extract is antioxidant and contains a lot of vitamin C and carotene which gives the cream and skin a beautiful color.

Ingredients: brassica rapa oleifera, sorbus aucuparia berry extract, copernicia cerifera cera, picea exelsa, tocopherol, picea abies essential oil, *camphene*, *pinene * essential oil component


Wounds, shin and bedsores, pressure sores scratchs, asphalt rash cracking skin, heels, finger tips rashes, psoriasis, atopic skin Insect bites burns Itchy skin blisters, abrasions

How to
Clean and dry the skin area and spread the salve. Spruce Resin Salve is waterless product, it is very sufficient, so a very small amount of salve at once is enough.