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Ostoskorisi on tyhjä


Organic pine essential oil

Pinus Sylvestris

Clears thinking

The scent of pine essential oil uplifts energy at all levels.  It has been said that the pine scent clears the mind from old feelings of guilt.

Pine essential oil acts antiseptic and cortisone like. It acivates the flow of body fluids, strengthens the nervous system and refreshes the body systems generally.

Particularly the pine has an important role in the respiratory area. The pine has been used for many generations to ease tuberculosis, broncial- and sinus blockages.

When used with diffuser, the pine scent needs time to awaken its aroma. The essential oil is surprisingly quiet and resinous. Therefore the first reaction to the pine aroma is  usually to inhale deeply. When inhaled, pine essential oil promotes general feelings of energy and wellbeing. 

Soil association organic certified.

Package size 5 ml
Country of origin Bulgaria
The main components

Monoterpenes  ( strenghtening, refreshing and relieving discomfort)





The analysis of the pine oil has recognised components 121 = 99,99%

How it is made

The essential oil is steam distilled mainly from the needles.


How to & usage

Usage Hetkinen drop diffuser, aroma theraphy
How to

Enjoy the countless scent nuances of the Finnish forest. Add a drop of essential oil  to the diffuser and enjoy the aromatherapeutic moment. Pine wood material keeps the scent clean and genuine. The scent disappears and evaporates from the wooden surface over time.

Dont use direct to your skin.