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Micola Dress Riviera - Ecru/Pink

Micola Dress has a timeless design, making it a reliable garment suitable for many moments and situations. The Riviera pattern, designed by artist Pasi Kärkkäinen-Tunkelo, leads your mind to the summer seaside landscapes. The enjoyable plaid pattern is printed on sturdy and breathable cotton. The soft round outlines of the sleeves elevate this garment from an ordinary dress to an expressive beauty.

Micola is a reliable garment regardless of the season. It is light and breathable in the summer heat, and is perfect for layering in the cooler weather. You can wear the dress with or without a belt to suit your look.

The button-up Micola Dress has a sharp collar and a full length button placket. The dress has ankle length, cropped round silhouette sleeves and separate belt.

The fabric is made in Italy and the dress is sewn in Estonia.


- 100% Organic cotton

- Machine wash at 40°C

- Reshape while damp

- Do not bleach or tumble dry

- Iron at medium heat

- Dry clean using PCE only

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