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Black Scoop Onepiece

The perfect black onepiece with a scooped back. Thin adjustable straps. Cheeky coverage. Double lined for extra coverage and support. Seamless for the most flattering fit. Made from recycled pre and post consumer plastic waste (ECONYL® regenerated nylon).


Solid colours: 78% ECONYL® regenerated PA, 22% EA

Our entire swimwear collection has been made from recycled materials. All the solid-coloured fabrics utilise ECONYL® regenerated nylon, which is a yarn made from plastic waste otherwise polluting the Earth, like ghost fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring and industrial plastics. ECONYL® regenerated nylon reduces the environmental impact of nylon by 80% compared with the material produced from crude oil.

Size Chart CM

BUST 78 - 84 85 - 91 92 - 98 99 - 105 106 - 112
HIP 84 - 90 91 - 97 98 - 104 105 - 111 112 - 116

Regarding our customer feedback, this item runsSHORT in sizing. Therefore we recommend choosing a size bigger if you are tall, have a long torso or are in between sizes, or if you are unsure at all.


BUST: Measure over the fullest part of your bust (usually over the nipples) when wearing an unpadded bra or a bikini top. Ensure the measuring tape is straight and flat around your back.

HIP: Measure around the fullest part of the hips. Note that this point is well below your hip bones and does not reflect where the item sits on your body. Ensure the measuring tape is straight and flat around your body.

All measurements above reflect your body measurements, not measurements of the item.

A lot of sizing is also up to individual preference: you can think of whether you like your swimwear to be tight-fitting, which we recommend for water sports, or a bit on the looser side, which on the other hand is perfect for tanning and relaxing. If you prefer a snug fit, shop your usual size – if you prefer a more loose-fitting size or a bit more coverage, choose a size up. If you are in between sizes, you could probably wear both – the smaller one will be tighter and the larger one more loose-fitting.

Please also note that swimwear will also always feel snug when worn dry and for the first time. The fabric will always get a tad softer after being worn a couple of times.

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