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Nomen Nescio

218C Shell Pants

Slim-fit athleisure pants for city and forest wandering. Made of vigorous, enduring and versatile organic cotton that repels humidity and wind. Can be layered for colder conditions.

—slim, straight cut
— wool rib detail at the back of the ankle
— pockets in the sides
— elastic band and drawstring at the waist
—color: basic black

— 100% Organic Cotton
— fabric: Olmetex S.p.A. Como, Italy
—  wool rib: Orneule Oy, Orivesi, Finland
—  production: Protex Balti Ab, Tallinn, Estonia
— design: Nomen Nescio Oy, Helsinki, Finland

— Noel is 181cm and wearing size S
— Alexandra is 178cm and wearing size S
—This item is quite slim, we recommend taking one size bigger if in doubt.

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