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Vera Shirt Supernevis - Brown

Vera Shirt´s playful rounded shapes gives a gentle and versatile vibe, effortlessly complementing various styles. Its minimalist appearance radiates a delightful allure. The simple design has a surprise element with a button placket on the back.

The light fabric is crafted from the blend of natural fibres including gentle merino wool, cotton, and hemp. The surface comes to life with vibrant and captivating tones, enhanced by the interplay of brown and black threads woven into its structure.

Vera has a relaxed fit and slightly cropped length, long balloon shaped sleeves with gathering on the cuff. A graceful boat neck and a button placket at the back complete the look.

The vibrant texture of the fabric is a result of interweaving threads of diverse colours. Subtle, dark variations in colour are inherent to the fabric's character.

The fabric is made in Italy and the shirt is sewn in Estonia.


48% Hemp, 42% Cotton, 10% Merino Wool
Delicate machine wash at 30°C
Reshape while damp
Do not bleach or tumble dry
Iron at low heat
Dry clean using PCE only

Relaxed Fit

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