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Crazy Granny Designs

Monkey korvakorut - Large

Monkey as your Magic Animal

Call for the monkey when you need to have fun and joke around! The monkey will uplift your spirits and help you to be more lighthearted. It will awake the inner-child in you. Also, if you need a bit of luck, ask for help from the monkey. It will sprinkle some good luck dust on you.
Day of the week: FRIDAY

The pattern is digitally printed on Finnish birch plywood and then laser cut. The pattern is printed on both sides of the earrings.

The metal parts (the fittings and hooks) are stainless steel - they are not coated. Stainless steel does not cause nickel sensitivity or allergy. The solubility of nickel is within the REACH limits. The metal parts have been tested in Finland by XRF to ensure that they do not contain cadmium or lead.

The earrings come with small silicone stoppers for the hooks.

Height of the earring without the fitting and hook: 73 mm
Width of the owl: 70 mm

Avoid exposing your earrings to water and chemicals (such as hairspray, etc.).