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CUITU x BYBORRE Textiles - Carry Bag

The Carry bag was reinvented using 3D textile in the front panel of the bag. It features a Tetris-inspired design and is exclusively made of BYBORRE's slowstock yarns. Please note, that each item has a unique textile design and the one in the photos is only an example. The backside has a contrasting black fabric, which is deadstock from a local bag manufacturer.

This bag is simply a useful piece for your everyday city strolls! It's a multiway-item and you can wear it in three different ways by twisting the straps. There is a pocket inside for your smaller valuables.


One size

Measures: 47 x 41 x 4 cm


All fabrics are upcycled

Shell: the front panel is made of repurposed slowstock yarns, contains: 35% Nylon
35% Recycled nylon
30% Polyester, other fabrics are upcycled polyester mix, may contain nylon
Strap: 100 % GRS recycled polyester
Label: upcycled polyester mix, may contain nylon


This bag is manufactured by Fabriikki 8, in Turku, Finland.

Fabric: BYBORRE Textile, The Netherlands / SpecialBag, Loimaa, Finland

Label: SpecialBag, Loimaa, Finland

Strap: Label System, Italy

Majority of the components come either from Finland or other places in Europe to create as little CO2 emissions as possible.

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