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Ostoskorisi on tyhjä

Founded in 2014 by Irene Kostas, ONAR redefines the possibilities of ecological leatherwork. With a wide-eyed dedication to innovation and a defiant disobedience of their artisanal heritage, ONAR stimulates your senses and sensibilities.

Irene Kostas, founder and artistic director, lead the family tradition astray into a dimly-lit, brightly coloured, all night utopia; a suburban nightmare of vibrant, richly textured leathers and shearlings that will ignite your visceral desire to roam. Audacious and understood instinctively by the brave, ONAR is for those who decide on uncensored expression and for those who know that life’s too short.

ONAR's sustainable foundation is built oncircular economyand innovative use ofecological shearling. The idea for ONAR was born from the founder Irene Kostas' ambition and passion tobetter use of resourcesand as an antithesis to fashion's much increasing use of plastic-based materials - alwayscruelty-freeas no living creature is exploited for our clothes. The aim is to always deliver highest quality both in terms of material and craftsmanship; quality craftsmanship runs in the family of ONAR founder & creative director Irene Kostas.

ONAR only uses premium shearling that isbyproduct of food and would otherwise go to waste; all shearlings aretraceable European origin (Britain, Italy, Iceland, Spain and Greece)and the clothes arehandmade in Greece and in Finland. ONAR strictly follows azero-waste policy. The tanneries belong toLeather Working Groupthat on its behalf controls sustainable practices among the leather industry.

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