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Nomen Nescio

731 Cape Hoodie

Oversize hooded cape for casual mood, inside and out. Made of soft organic cotton knitted in Finland. Can be layered with our Rain Cape to meet many weather conditions.

— mega-loose, oversize cut
— sleeves with wool rib wristbands
— press button closure in the sides
—  press button closure in the hoodie
—  ribbon finishing inside
—  big hood
—  color: deep black

—  100% organic cotton
—   fabric: Orneule Oy, Orivesi, Finland
—  production: Protex Balti Ab, Tallinn, Estonia
—  design: Nomen Nescio Oy, Helsinki, Finland

—  Pau is 184cm and wearing size S/M
—  Anni is 180cm and wearing size S/M
—  This item is oversize, we recommend to take the size based on the desired length.