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Ostoskorisi on tyhjä

Ivana Helsinki is one of the best known international, new generation fashion, design and art house, where signature style merges traditions, Slavic melancholy, sleek Scandinavian aesthetics and nostalgic vintage vibes. The brand has created a recognizable universe that breathes roadtrip romance in forms of art, design, fashion, music, storytelling, movies and even an own festival, Superwood.

Ivana Helsinki started as Paola Suhonen´s personal art project. Her vision was to bring art in everyday life, create functional items and fashion, where each single design is a charismatic, stand-alone statement piece. Paola´s ideology of being a free spirit is concentrated on her image of Ivana Helsinki user: “The one who carries the fire, not just the shine”.

Paola´s namesake (Paola Ivana Suhonen) fashion label was first established in 1998 but clothing business has been a big part of the Suhonen family story already from the 60´s. Ivana Helsinki is still family owned today.

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