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HELSINKI Preto Black

VIBAe HELSINKI Leather Preto Black is a slip-on Chelsea boot with a heel pull and large elastic gore on either side for easy entry.  It is made from premium vegetable-tanned leather (chromium-free). 

The Natural Rubber Sole is lined with an antimicrobial and ergonomic Carbon Step™️ footbed that will give you that OOHHH AAHHHH comfort feeling you’ve been waiting for. These are the ultimate comfy, wear everywhere shoes that are proudly handmade in a family-run factory in Portugal.

By purchasing this product, you support responsible leather manufacturing through the Leather Working Group (LWG). We only use skins and hides, which are by-products of the food industry.

VIBAe shoe should feel snug at first and there is no need to leave extra free space at the end. If you are thinking between sizes, we recommend choosing one size bigger than normal.

The easiest way to put your VIBAe shoe into your feet is against the floor, push your foot all the way to the end, and only then bring up the heel. Once you start wearing the VIBAe shoe they will stretch about half a size and the more you wear them the better they get.

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