01 marraskuuta, 2019

    8. luukku
Mooncake A3 julisteet 18€  (norm. 22€)
Sateiseen päivään sopivat mieltä ja seinää piristävät leikkisät Mooncaken julisteet. Mikä on sinun voimaeläimesi?


Mooncake A3 julisteet 18€ (norm. 22€)

Tarjous voimassa 7.12.2017 PUF Design Marketissa Turussa




My name is Martina Münch and I am the founder of mooncake.

Mooncake makes products that inspire, entertain and decorate. With our
interior products, such as posters. pillows and kitchen items, we hope
to be able to make your home a beautiful and inviting place. 

We believe that a home that you love is a big part of a happy
life. With that in mind, we try our best to create personal products that make
your place a bit more "you".



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