01 marraskuuta, 2019

11. luukku
Kaksi Kooky Gemsin pitkää riipusta 35€ (norm. 40-44€)
Kooky Gemsin korut saavat naurattaa, ilahduttaa tai saatat löytää niistä niistä oman toteemieläimesi. Vähän väriä ja glitteriä elämään!
Tarjous voimassa 11.12.2017 PUF Design Marketissa

Kooky Gems



Kooky Gems is a young Finnish jewellery and homeware brand founded in summer 2007. Originally owner Reetta Kiuru started making jewelry after getting some board games she already had as a wedding present. Little cardborad diamond parts of the Afrikan tähti game became cool jewelry and people started asking where she got them and wanting to buy them off from her. It all took off from there.
Since its start Kooky Gems has gone from strength to strength with fun, whimsical and unexpected jewelry created in a huge range of colors.
Kooky Gems encourages its customers to have their own personal style that is marked with their sense of humor. With its fresh approach, Kooky Gems creates Pop Art Jewelry for those who are not afraid to stand out. All the products are of high quality but have a twist, something special that makes them unique and gives the person wearing them a good feeling. You cannot be in a bad mood when wearing Kooky Gems!




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